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Meet The Team

The NSSx leadership team is comprised of individuals who live by the values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust. Learn about the unique assets and backgrounds they bring to NSSx and how they support our veterans.


Editor in Chief

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Assistant Manager

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Programming Editor

Jamieson J. Slough

Marine major, F/A-18 pilot, owner, 7-time all-american. Father of 3. Husband for 24 years. 


I know how to win at this game. Veterans deserve transparency and compensation for products they were issued  that have caused irreversible harm while serving our nation. My plan is to gather 100,000  affected veterans and improve their lives with financial settlements and employment opportunities. 

Scott L. Nebenzahl

Father, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Advisor

With over 32 years of business, political, technology start-up and philanthropic experience, Scott brings proven executive management and strategic development experience to nssX projects. He has been responsible for sales, marketing, fundraising, strategic partnering, business development, and government affairs in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

Having the privilege to build and help grow nssX and be a business partner with Maj. Slough for many years, it brings me great joy to contribute to our mission of making Veterans’ and their families' lives more secure, and provide opportunity and jobs to our Nation’s most deserving citizens. 

Nazarene Palma-Llanes

Mother, Entrepreneur, Business Professional, Veteran Advocate


While the world is busy building organizations to thrive in the arena of Human Race, we at nssX remains true to our aspiration in preserving Human Kind.

Our mission is simple, help as many veterans everyday achieve quality of life.


Kathryn Bowers 

Executive assistant

Born and raised South Floridian with over 8+ years experience under the Executive Assistant role. It's been a pleasure working with the nss-X team and working alongside the veteran and military family-owned and operated business. We are creating awareness and opportunities for those in need and continue to help more veterans each day! 

Meet Our Partners


Warrior Strong Inc.

  • Instagram

Warrior Strong will positively inspire veterans to improve physical and mental health with a training facility that builds camaraderie.


"We developed Warrior Strong to perpetuate the values and camaraderie learned and shared by all service members. As veterans, our organization is dedicated to providing them a place for wellness and networking."

They offer an Adaptive Veteran Workout Facility, Free Personal Training Certificate, Occupational & Mental Therapy, Connection For Active Veterans.


Go check out and support Warrior Strong at & Follow their Instagram @warriorstronginc

  • LinkedIn

They are a national organization exclusive to Marines and Navy Corpsmen who find networking among warriors beneficial to their careers.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and career-minded professionals gather over drinks and casual conversations to share resources, contacts, and strategies that help support each other's career and business goals.

Their local chapters host exciting monthly, bi-monthly, and unique networking events in different incredible local venues with a relaxed atmosphere. It all takes place on a weekday right after work in a fun and relaxed atmosphere conducive to making connections. Go Check out and Support NMCBN here!

National Marine Corps Business Network Inc.

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