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Join the nssx team today !

We are seeking to hire veterans to work a flexible schedule doing outreach to veterans.

We have veterans earning 2-8k a week.

We are hiring veterans who served after 2003. If you did not serve after 2003 and would like to apply, please state why you are interested in your submission. 

We are just veterans helping veterans. they deserve it !

Image by Filip Andrejevic

Let's Get Started

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Hi, my name is Siannon and I am a Gulf War vet and although I don't qualify for many of the cases we're currently working on I was so excited when I learned about NSSX and how they are helping injured and disabled veterans get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. I immediately knew I wanted to be an integral part of their mission and have not looked back. The team is tight, focused and driven to do one veterans every day! 



Originally from Cincinnati, now residing in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. I'm an adventurer that enjoys hiking and backpacking over these dense green mountains any chance I get. I have a passion for connecting with like minded people, especially my fellow veterans of this great country. I'm down to earth, easy to speak to, and I'd give the shirt off my back to anyone who is in need. 



My name is Mark Mitchell, I’m a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. I served and deployed with the fine men of 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines. I’m now a family man and just trying to provided for them the best I can. nss-X came up as I researched the 3M CAEv2 Double Sides Ear Plug case and trials and they gave me great information and facts and allowed me to help other veterans like myself.

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