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The nssX Brand
Respect, Integrity, Trust, and so much more

Our unique positioning is what makes nssx stand out from other  veteran outreach & CASE MANAGEMENT services

Army Soldiers

We Are




Veteran and Military Family Owned and Operated

Jamieson Slough, the nssX founder, and Marine Corps VETERAN, opened nssX with his partner, Scott, and back-office specialist Naz.


They recognized the struggle many Veterans have been facing. When acclimating back to civilian life, they knew in their hearts something had to change to help other Military families as this new stage of life begins.That’s when they committed

themselves to be a leader in creating awareness and opportunities exclusive for Veterans and their families—the nssX Campaigns.

Your Front Line Support Includes

Strategic Advisors

The nssX Strategic Advisors are a team of accomplished Veterans noted for their leadership and high-achievement in business.

Do You Live by the Values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust?

NSSx might be the right fit for you. We offer opportunities exclusively for Veterans and Military family members, who we find share these same values on which we created our nationally recognized brand. 


Request more information about joining the NSSx team today.

THE nssX Promise






We treat people as they should be treated, and respect is seen throughout all our interactions with our customers, our employees, our peers, and our community.

We have a strong moral compass and believe that working with integrity is the only way to conduct business and creating lasting relationships with each other and our customers.

Our customers invite us into their lives and place their trust in us. We take this honor seriously and only conduct business in a manner that further establishes this relationship.

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